It’s been a week since my self-imposed exile from Twitter. It’s been going pretty well, so I thought I’d just post a quick update.

More and more and more people are leaving Twitter. Quite a few of those leaving are checking out Mastodon as a potential replacement. The activity has really been picking up, and some really dope conversations are happening there.

Few of my own friends are really having a go of it. And while that’s disappointing, I think it’s to be expected. Initially it was the tech nerds really making Twitter take off. You need a critical mass on Mastodon before the same thing will happen there.

Right now I think the hosting instructions for Docker are pretty bad. If Mastodon gets more focus on making it much easier to host, we’ll probably see more instances out there. But right now, hosting on Docker is much more bespoke than it really should be. I’m finding this pattern to be common across Fediverse apps. But unlike the others, at least Mastodon has a decent mobile app on iOS and Android.

Fosstodon has proven to be a good host. I’m kicking in $5 a month toward their operating costs now as a Patron.